15.03.2017 11:01 We are experiencing a huge surge in new license applicants. The Trial Licenses Option is literally EXPLODING our volume. License restrictions have been put in place depending on the country. Sorry for the inconvenience. Aaron Davis, CEO 3.03.2017 11:01 Unfortunately, we needed to raise the Enterprise Level plan to 24,9K from 9,999 USD due to a high orders volume. Thank you for understanding. Aaron Davis, CEO

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Dear Listener,

Did you hear this clear little "bling" noise? Not yet ? Give it a few seconds..

There.. I'm sure there it is again..

Did you know that each time you hear this signal pure profits have been generated? Have a look at the chart above.. these are live trades happening .. that's right, profits being generated AS IS..

But first things first, my name is Aaron Davis and im the CEO here at the Big Banks Method..

First, let me make something very clear right from the beginning.. we do not have anything to do with forex or binary options.. this is not the kiddie league anymore, this is where the adults play.. that's right, you will not see a 'free to sign up' binary options bot here.. we are WAY beyond that..

Truth to be told,

the Derivatives market is where the BIG action is! With liquidity in excess of 220 billion per hour, it's where the big banks trade..

About 90% of these trades are speculative intraday trades

The derivatives market is so unique because of this huge volume and its geographical dispersion.. in simple words.. it allows a LOT of people to profit in a big market.. individuals can become immensely wealthy if they have the right approach..

Millionaires are being made.. and destroyed. And unike binary options, there is no middleman that lurks to take your profits! It's straight-through direct trading!

Other Traders From United States

11:01:19 Sjur G********** +$500.17
11:04:46 Jonas M****** +$737.40
11:09:44 Tegan F***** +$715.09
11:13:48 Kiera W***** +$610.22
11:17:51 Dexter D******** +$607.63
11:21:24 Tom A**** +$443.76
11:25:41 Arnold D**** +$784.12

Trading results for past FIVE years:

Licenses given so far:

Enterprise Level:
Hedge Funds Level:
Free Trial Plan:

(These numbers update every 24 hours)

I am very proud to what we and the team have achieved..
But let's start from the beginning:

It all started with a discussion in a closed online group of banking software coders which I am part of. One member asked if we believed it was possible to beat markets programmatically or if it's a myth created by platform developers and software vendors.

The group's consensus was that the markets are too unpredictable for any kind of automated software to extract profits from their movements - until one participant posted a link to his academic paper.

In it, he argued that the general basic laws of physics apply to financial markets too - including the market components, such as price. Therefore, price was subject to the physical acceleration laws - meaning that once it has gained momentum, it will take some time and further movement in the momentum's direction before the momentum exhausts.

Basically, once the market gets going in some direction, it keeps going in that direction for at least some more time.. all in all, the movements are not completely sudden and random – in simple terms.

He further elaborated that candlestick charts (like the ones you saw right below the video!) used in technical analysis are the best way to determine the presence or absence of price acceleration, as they show the price distance covered over a period of time (for example, the height of a 5-minute chart candlestick) and the direction of the price movement (up or down).

To become even more concise...

In physics, acceleration is calculated as a ratio of the current speed to the previous speed. The price speed in charting was indeed reflected by the height of chart candles. Visually, it truly looked like most of the time when the bars' height substantially increases, the price continues to move for some more time in the direction of the increase before the price chart flattens or reverts.

As said before, imagine it as simple as an ocean wave.. it raises, it crashes, it repeats! But it does so in patterns!

I took math courses in university and read his academic paper with great curiosity from the beginning till the end and it made perfect sense to me all the way, so clear and concise it was. More so, the guy appeared to be a renown math scholar with a Ph. D., having done tons of other research on the topic of price dynamics (this could be seen from the paper's footnotes where he was referencing his earlier works and those that he co-authored with other professors).

I immediately went to work and started looking for an assistant..

Then I went back to the group that I had an idea how to test this once and for good and needed a top-notch coder for it. I emphasized that this would only work out with a highly skilled developer, as we would pretty much need to turn the whole research into a robotic code and also make sure it would work flawlessly on the trading platform despite any limitations it might have. I also made it clear that my only payment for the work would be the developed code itself, as there's no way I could financially afford so many hours by such a highly skilled programmer.

Several people volunteered sending me brief descriptions of their professional credentials and I picked Thomas among them.

Thomas was in his early retirement, having made quite a fortune in his professional career with Sony Ericsson which he joined in the company's early days of a startup. Basically, he was in the "core squad" who were with Ericsson from day one and brought the firm from a small startup in a peripheral Swedish town to one of the world's largest mobile device manufacturers and a subsequent merger with Sony Electronics.

Thomas needed no payment from me. He said I could also do all I wanted with the code, as he was only after scientifically testing the idea.

You know, he is very altruistic in nature.. having already made a fortune, he is more about honing his skills than money. He believed if the idea proved correct, it could become revolutionary in the world of financial trading and that's pretty much all he was after. He said the project's success alone would be his only and best imaginable reward (turns out it became much more than that but more on the topic later).

So after months and months of hard work and several upgrades Thomas and I finally released the Big Banks Method! I will spare you the technical details but unlike ANY offer out there, we are ready to reveal how the system operates.. fully transparent!

That's right.. we don't hide the facts.. for the techies or the simply curious.. scroll down right beneath this section.. keep ignoring (or enjoying) the profit bling-blings meanwhile...

This is no black-box offer, dear friend.. the concept is laid wide open to you and everyone.. we believe that "sharing is caring", so feel free to do with the information whatever you want :)

The Big Banks Method or, in short, "BE BE EM", as we call it, is unlike anything you have ever seen before... and trust me, it beats any of those binary option bots you have seen in a heartbeat.. There is no surprise that our method was quickly purchased by the leading banks and private hedge fund managers to boost their profit performance.

The Big Banks Method is making profits around every 20 seconds on average.. and yes, everyone who trades with this unique robotic software is mirroring these profits...

this means what is made here, you make right inside your account!

AGAIN, to make sure you understand this:

every BLING signal that announces profit increases your balance.. LIVE!

This graph here right under the video is a live window into your future profits. It really is that easy (as an end result, of course, I spare you the pains of building these.. 125652 lines of code that make The Big Banks Profit Bot what it is right now!... !)

The Big Banks Method revolves around 1 key aspect.. profiting together

And let me reiterate..

You see, we don't want you to sign up for any forex or binary options profit mumbo-jumbo offer anymore..

You keep hearing the BLING audio cue? Check the graph, see how much has been made WHILE you were reading this very text.. isn't that mind-blowing?

And it really is THAT easy.. you sign up for free, you start the robot (not a binary bot, but a real derivatives robot, mind you!) and you see profits flying in..

Now, remember I mentioned before that SHARING IS CARING?

We know we could sell this bot very easily.. after all, we are not gaining any referral money from the scammy binary options brokers.. and we are a company with employees and salaries to pay..

And the money is being made like crazy.. so we figured out a ground-breaking business model that will be a WIN-WIN-WIN outcome..

You can choose between 3 plans with easy subscriptions to get access to our big bank method and mirror those winning trades into your own account:

  • High-Profit Corporate Model

    We call it „Enterprise level“ with a monthly fee of $24,999/month including Full trades of all Big Bank Method Signals.

    Unlimited Profit capabilites (no limitations on the deposit size with a minimum of $10,000,000), custom VIP Phone manager (no scammy salesman, your very own private secretary working and watching your deposit 24/7, even on weekends), Full 24x7 liquidity access, Prioritized execution.

    And much more! A perfect fit for Big Banks and Financial Institutions

  • Hedge funds level

    So called Syndicate Plan at 2,999 USD/month that allows profits up to 250,000 USD per month (The Capital minimum $100,000 With cap limit of $10,000.000
    and a Custom Hotline! It’s a perfect fit for Hedge Funds and Brokers!

    And... finally.. we have

  • The Free Model

    That's right, the FREE instant tryout level! A perfect fit for private investors. Their funds are grouped together into a profitable pool which leads to a big bank-level execution and profits!

    The only requirement under this plan will be that once you profit, you show this offer to a close friend and let them in too..

You see, the more volume we generate as a group, the more we profit, so we do encourage active members..

It really is a win-win-win situation here.

You win because the Free Plan allows you to get started with us easily, make profits and, maybe, later switch to the Syndicate or Corporate Plan once you reach the needed volumes and need to earn more profits..

We win because we earn a 2 cent commission on your WINNING trades (and winning trades only!!)

The company wins because we increase our trading volumes and get cheaper and faster trading execution (making the system even more profitable in the long run!)

Remember, we here at the Big Banks Method can only profit if you are happy, make money and, most of all, are a satisfied client..

What do you have to lose? Isn't the consistent blinging of profits coming in not getting annoying by the time? Don't you want your account to reflect these profits as well??

It's decision time.. after all, what do you have to lose?

You owe it to yourself to just check out this amazing offer that has been custom-tailored for the little guy as well as for the big guns!

Sign up right now and start reaping the benefits..
to Derivatives and a successful financial future!

Yours truly,
Aaron Davis,
The Big Banks Method CEO

NEVER DONE BEFORE No LOSS & 50,000 USD Profit Guarantee*

Upon the signup, members will be sent this contract that guarantees a REFUND of 24,999 USD should no profit be made within 30 days PLUS a an ON-TOP premium payment of 50,000 USD! So a TOTAL of 74,999 USD will be paid back 30 days after the signup in case of a negative account balance!

Enterprise level


Big Banks, Financial Institutions

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Hedge Funds, Brokers

Free Tryout Plan

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Private investors

Capital minimum: $500
Capital limit: $350,000

No contracts required.
Free trial

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Prioritized execution.

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    3 Licenses Left!

Some Insights into the Big Banks Method! (Not For Newbies!)

Then we got down to months of hard work. We picked currency derivatives as the most volatile and liquid financial trading instruments and the five-minute timeframe to have as many of those candlestick bars as possible.

That's when we also figured why most robots and manual traders inevitably lose money in the long run: they do not enter the market following a big price movement simply at the beginning of a new bar but use sets of standard indicators for it (RSI, MACD, WPR, CCI, ATR for the TECH fans out there!)

Do not worry if these indicators mean nothing to you! The end product is pretty amazing and works without any manual intervention but more on that later.. stick with me here!

These "indicators" are often lagging. Hence, they don't manage to catch a greater glimpse of the market or the bigger portion of the price movement, making their market entry in no way different from a random one.

With the price movements having different amplitudes, the fixed stop-loss and take-profit values in pips would make no sense. They needed to be dynamic, calculated proportionally to the price acceleration. The price acceleration, in its turn, would need to be calculated as a ratio of the few recent five-minute bar heights' average to the day's bars heights' average. We agreed that the exact acceleration coefficient would need to be an optimizable parameter, along with the specific numbers of reference bars in the acceleration equation. Yet we knew we were on the right track with this from the very start, as the bot's prototype which Thomas produced was lasting on any periods of historical data, showing substantial profits in the long run even with randomly entered values - such as ten last bars to check if there's price acceleration, 288 five-minute bars as the reference number of bars (equaling to a whole 24 hours of five-minute periods), and an acceleration coefficient of 2.

We couldn't use trailing stop because it would be taken out nearly instantly due to the currency pair's multiple tick moves within a five-minute bar during a strong market movement. Yet we recognized that the inertia in some instances of price acceleration is far greater than in others and it does not necessarily depend on the initial acceleration coefficient. Thomas said: "Think of it as of driving a car on different surfaces. When you break abruptly yet the surface is clean and dry, your car won't keep going as far as when the surface is wet and slippery. And by wet I mean just that - liquid. When the market is liquid enough, it will keep going like hell in the direction prompted by some sudden strong financial catalyst (central bank's announcement, surprise economic data release etc). But when the liquidity is low, there won't be enough trades to take the price further after the initial five-minute bar".

So we ended up introducing three dynamic take-profit levels and a series of up to three trades, each to open at the beginning of a new five-minute bar as long as the acceleration coefficient remains above its initial value. So whenever the first take-profit level plus one pip would be crossed for the first time, the robot would not close the trades but let them proceed to the next take profit level, simply "remembering" the previous take-profit level. Only if the price would revert to the previous take-profit level and cross it for the second time, the bot would finally close the series of trades at this level.

At my suggestion, Thomas also added a LimitTP function which would close all trades at the first take-profit level of the first trade in the series. So this take-profit level effectively ended up as a failsafe for the whole series of trades, preventing them from going to their stop-losses in an event of the price retracement. That way we could extract profits from the bigger and the smaller instances of price acceleration altogether, both not letting the trades to fall short of profit and not "leaving any cash on the table" by closing them at some single take-profit level while the price movement continues in the initial direction.

We fully realized there were two instances when the robot could take a substantial loss. The first one was when the price acceleration would both start and end all within the initial five-minute bar. So even if the price holds for a few more five-minute bars, the momentum would be gone by then and the trades that opened at the beginning of those bars would have no positive expectancy of reaching even the first take-profit level. Yet for the price to both gain and lose substantial acceleration of more than twice of the previous price speed all within a single five-minute bar, that bar would have to be huge, well over 100 pips. So we simply introduced a maximal initial bar size parameter in the robot's settings, limiting it to 100 pips by default. Later, in last year's October, we got two instances when this function successfully prevented losses by simply not entering the market after five-minute bars of more than 100 pips.

The second danger of taking a heavy hit was some total market disaster, a one-off anomaly - an "extinction level event", as we jokingly termed it. Two of such events occurred last year - one was the infamous unpegging of the Swiss Franc from the Euro by the Swiss National Bank and the second was the August 24 "flash crash" resulting from the Chinese stock market collapse. Thomas reasoned: "The robot sets the stop-loss based on the acceleration strength, coming from the distance in pips the price covers over a fixed period of time. So if the robot is instructed to simply ignore the market entries whose calculated stop-loss would exceed our maximally desired one, we would never even fall for such traps". That's how the MaxPipsSL function was born which does not predict an "extinction level event" but accurately detects and avoids one before any trades are entered, not after.

Last but not least, the robot has efficient spread and slippage filters that make sure the price at which a trade is placed is not too far from the one at which an entry signal was triggered. If the price has slipped by too much or the current floating spread has become too high, such a trade would be skipped. That way a user knows all trades that have been placed are in full accordance with the robot's strategy.

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Jonah says:
I find this interesting and am ready to try it to get the best result possible.
Nickolas Park says:
Does this product really work?
Admin reply:
Yes, BBM has a track record of providing winning results!
Milder says:
Any live statement?
Admin reply:
Sure, check out the listing of trades at the beginning of the page here: http://bigbanksmethod.com/
Lisa Bryan says:
How much deposit do you recommend to start trading with this EA?
Admin reply:
You may begin with as little as $500 We do recommend going for more for better results.
Avis Norman says:
How many pairs can I use?
Admin reply:
Sophia says:
How much profit can I make in a day?
Admin reply:
Have a look at the statement here: http://bigbanksmethod.com/
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This is really amazing!
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Can i test this on a demo account?
Admin reply:
Sure, you may test the software on a demo.
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Accurate profits so far. Am very happy with this!
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Admin reply:
Yup, we have customers from all over the world.
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Which broker do you recommend?
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This is my first time trying this, and no regrets so far.
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Kudos for a great job, excellent reviews!
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Thank you for this, it is simply the best!
Kory says:
How much can I earn?
Admin reply:
Have a look at the statement here: http://bigbanksmethod.com/
Lamb says:
Wow, $280 in just a day
Jack Hardy says:
Easy to use and good profits.
Thomas Bailey says:
Great review, but how true is this? Guess it doesn't hurts tying, at least with a minimum deposit.
Belinda Barton says:
I need to try this for a while to see if the results are really true.
Violet W. says:
How can I start trading, I am new to this.
Matilda says:
How much deposit can I start with?
Admin reply:
The minimum deposit is $500.
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Do I have a guarantee of getting my money back, in case this doesn’t work?
Oliver L. says:
Hope this will work, not like the others.
Ronald says:
Huge opportunity, count me in!!!
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I registered 2days ago, and most trades are profitable. I am happy with the results so far.
Paul Wilson says:
I don’t have trading experience, how do I get started and make it work for me?
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Admin reply:
Yes, we accept customer from almost all countries.
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I am pleased with the results that I get.
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Does this trade automatically or manually?
Admin reply:
The software is completely automated.
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Got to know about this robot through a friend, and I must confess it works pretty well.
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Does this work well with any broker?
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Admin reply:
Trades are very frequent, with at least several every day.
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Wow, $350 in just 2days!!!
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Admin reply:
The software is FREE!
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Good job guys, great reviews. Count me in.
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Admin reply:
There's no risk in trying - we distribute the EA free of charge.
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Admin reply:
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Can I start trading with $100?
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Where can I get proof?
Admin reply:
Have a look at the statement here: http://bigbanksmethod.com/
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Thanks a lot for this robot.
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BBM helped me change my life, making me money on auto. Everything I need is a PC wiht Internet.
Steven Rice says:
The BBM system is great!!! I’m using it since 2014 and I'm still in profit!!!
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I am using BBM on a live account for one month. Still it's giving good results with its ingenious strategy.
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Thanks a lot for Big Bank Method! It works incredibly! I even can't imagine when I go to the computer in the morning how much my balance has increased over night!
Dugald Milne says:
After a chain of losses with different Forex software I started to earn with the help of BBM. Thank you!
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I have bought many different Forex trading software and all of them are terrible. But this software changed everything.
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Thank you guys, your system is very powerful, I'm looking forward to earn more and more every day!
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I bought BBM two weeks ago. The members area is awesome and useful. I set my account up in a few minutes. And started to earn money straight away.
Isobel Sinclair says:
I was a bit afraid when I bought this software. But when I noticed that I am getting +23%, I realized my fears were vain.
Pamela Scott says:
I purchased the The Big Banks Method last week and set it up on my already running MetaTrader account. The results are awesome and I can’t be any happier!
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I don’t have much forex knowledge, but that’s no problem with The Big Banks Method. I can’t be happier now!
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Hi. I am really impressed with your EA. Now I believe that it’s my opportunity to raise my financial freedom!
Cameron McCain says:
Surprised by the lack of losing trades. Thank you! Seems like I’m a winner!! Haha
What setting are the best? Will someone help me, if I buy?
Admin reply:
We have a 24/7 support to help you out with setting up, using, and any other questions that you may come across later on.
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When I lost first two trades, I thought it’s a scam. But then I started winning almost always! Thanks guys
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I’ve spent money and have gotten my reward! +25% in balance in the first month! Thank you!
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Thank you very much! Your method really works!
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My result: $7890 In 25 Days. I can't believe this, but it works!!!
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Definitely try this method! And you'll understand that it works!!!
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I am enjoying this software for 5 days.
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Last night BBM made 12 positive trades.Thank you very much.
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Amazing!!! It’s surely the most profitable thing that I have ever seen!!
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Yes, we should be able to accept customers from Uganda.
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Admin reply:
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Are that comments all real?? Can I write here whatever I want about the product?
Admin reply:
Sure, see for yourself!
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Admin reply:
WE have some recommendations concerning that in the members area. Check it out after registering below!
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Admin reply:
Yes, all future updates are free of charge.
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After all my failures in Forex, you gave me hope that I can make money!
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WOW! Amazing results! Tried on my demo acc, really impressed!
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First robot that works. Thank you
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Gavin Brodie says:
Members area is awesome. Bought BBM few days ago. Will read the forum!
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Looks perfect. Need to try it out. Hope not a scam...
Hugh Beaton says:
Can I get the robot for free?? Don’t have any money. But I NEED IT!! Hahahah
Admin reply:
Sure, the software is completely free.
Samuel Lawson says:
I’m new in this field. Can I get any instructions or tutorials?
Admin reply:
Yup, we provide training material to registered members.
Henry Graham says:
I need this Big Bank Method to make really big money!
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What is the percent of losing trades?
Admin reply:
Have a look at the statement here: http://bigbanksmethod.com/
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BBM is great. 60 trades in a week, great for a start.
Susan McDowell says:
Thank you all guys!! 3 weeks – 186 pips!! Wonderful!
Maurice Mathieson says:
Should I start first on a Demo or a Real account?
Admin reply:
To begin, simply use the registration links on this page.
Lachlan Stuart says:
It works even if I am away. Nice

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For ultimate performance similar to that displayed, we suggest you use our recommended broker FXChoice which opens accounts for the US customers yet does not subject them to any of these regulations.

Yes, you can. Being fully complaint with the US NFA (National Futures Association) requirements, Big Banks Method can be successfully utilized by the US customers in the same fashion as by the non-US ones. For a restrictions-free trading environment, we further recommend opening an account with our partner brokerage FXChoice which accepts customers from worldwide, including the United States.

No, it doesn’t. Big Banks Method uses a proprietary patented state-of- the-art technology that does not depend on martingale (aka doubling down on the trades’ lot sizes).

We do not recommend setting the LotPer1000 parameter to a value higher than 0.2 if trading one currency pair, and to a value higher than 0.1 while trading two currency pairs. These values do not indicate the percentage of capital risked on your account but a value in Big Banks Method’s encoded proprietary trading formula.

The default settings are the ones we recommend – hence the reason they were made default. We nonetheless leave our customers with an option to select and fine tune their own settings through independent testing, leaving all the settings parameters open and fully adjustable.

We would like to keep the number of given out copies limited to ensure the algorithm's continued integrity and longevity. Therefore, Big Banks Method only works on live accounts with our recommended brokers.

The general picture provides a rather accurate idea on the robot's performance. However, historical data stored with a broker might not match the actual quotes due to the Daylight Savings Time being in effect. Therefore, there can be no more precise test than a forward test . The backtests presented on our website were made using special custom tick data enabling the modeling quality rate of 99%.

You can make up to $350 per every new user you refer to us. See here how: http://bigbanksmethod.com/jv

You will be emailed with access to the Members Area where you will be able to easily download the robot’s files in any place anytime. The Members Area also contains a number of useful functions. You can store all your product licenses in one place.

Big Banks Method averages over 300% per year, meaning the average of about 30% per month. Yet not every month will be profitable. The performance over any specific given month will depend on the current market conditions. Possible losses taken over some months will be overcompensated by profits over the others, netting a very substantial net return by the year’s end. Periods of low profitability might last for as long as several months and you will need to exercise patience during these periods.

Big Banks Method trades EURUSD (the European Euro against the US Dollar) and GBPUSD (the British Pound against the US Dollar). These are both high-liquidity currencies with the tightest spreads, ensuring ultimate long-term profitability for the months and years to come.

No, it trades only on those days when the market conditions are favorable. On some days, there are no market movements and no trades taken therefore. On other days, the market moves actively, prompting the robot to place many profitable trades. Big Banks Method averages around 20 trades per month.

The average duration of a trade is 2-3 hours. Sometimes, when the market is moving substantially and very fast, trades can be closed within minutes. At other times, when the market is moving rather slowly, it is normal for the trades to stay open for a whole day or more.

As long as your Lots parameter remains set to 0, the robot will automatically determine the proper trading lot size in accordance with your selected lot size under the LotPer1000 setting. The built-in proprietary trading formula instantly does all the calculations, with the robot subsequently opening and closing trades on your account all by itself.

All Big Banks Method customers will be receiving regular customer support for an infinite period of time. This includes both email support and live chats with our skilled and experienced customer service staff available to you 24/5.

Our state of the art automatic installer enables a hands-free installation of the robot within seconds. If you experience issues with the setup, our customer support will be happy to guide you through the process in a prompt and professional manner or even install the robot on your computer/VPS (virtual private sever) remotely for you.

A VPS is a Virtual Private Server. It’s a rented remote computer from which you can run Big Banks Method 24/7 without a need to have your home computer constantly switched on and connected to the Internet.

Running Big Banks Method from a VPS is a better option. That way you won’t need to constantly have your home computer switched on and connected to the Internet. If you don’t run Big Banks Method 24/7 you might miss some trades and some profits.

The more money is kept in your account, the higher the profits you will be getting. You are nonetheless free to withdraw all or part of your account balance anytime. Your brokerage account always fully remains under your control and we do not have access to it.

The robot can open up to 8 trades at a time per currency pair. The number of trades opened by the robot simultaneously depends on how strongly and how fast the market is moving at a specific moment.

No, and this makes Big Banks Method fully compatible with all brokers.

We do not want to flood the market with an excessive number of copies and plan to halt all sales once enough copies have been sold. We do not know how soon this might happen – it can be in a month or even tomorrow. At the time you are reading this, an unlimited number of copies are still available for purchasing but the situation can change anytime. After the sales closure, we will fully concentrate on assisting our existing customers and won’t be taking any new ones.

Big Banks Method’s continuous development and customer service carry a cost for us but we don't feel it's fair to charge the robot's users any money for it. After all, having a profitable robot provides us with another path of making profits.

You get a fully automated patented derivatives robot that has been demonstrating steady high returns of over 300% pa over many years. You also get access to our experienced 24/5 customer support ready to assist you in a prompt and professional manner anytime at your first request.

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